New in BlackBerry 7.1

BlackBerry 7.1 enhances the BlackBerry experience with new functionality and innovative apps.

BlackBerry Tag

Send pictures, songs, videos, documents, contacts, webpages, and voice notes between two NFC-enabled devices. Simply tap the back of your BlackBerry smartphone against the back of another NFC-enabled device. For more information, see BlackBerry Tag.

Smart tags

A new intuitive user interface enables you to easily create smart tags and share information with other NFC-enabled device users. Create a smart tag to open a webpage, call a phone number, send a text or email message, open an application, or view a location on a map. You can also copy your smart tag information to writable smart tag stickers to add to posters and more. For more information, see Smart tags.

Wi-Fi calling

If your wireless service provider supports Wi-Fi calling and you subscribe to this service, you can make and receive calls over the Wi-Fi network. For more information, see Wi-Fi calling.

Mobile Hotspot mode

When you turn on Mobile Hotspot mode, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot so that other Wi-Fi enabled devices can use the mobile network connection on your smartphone. For more information, see Mobile Hotspot mode.

Before you use your smartphone in Mobile Hotspot mode, read the latest safety and product information at

FM Radio

You can use the FM Radio app to listen to radio stations on your smartphone. You can scan for stations, create favorite stations, and you can listen to the radio using a wired headset or the speakerphone. For more information, see FM Radio.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls are designed to help you have more control over how the features of the BlackBerry smartphone are used. With Parental Controls you can block content, turn features on or off, and decide what types of communication are available. For more information, see Turn on Parental Controls.

Public warning messages

If your wireless service provider or organization uses a public warning system, you can receive public warning messages, such as weather warnings or amber alert messages, on your smartphone. For more information, see Public warning systems.

New in BlackBerry 7

BlackBerry 7 includes a number of exciting new features and services, as well as some enhancements to existing features.

BlackBerry ID

A BlackBerry ID is an email and password that gives you convenient access to BlackBerry products and services. After you create your BlackBerry ID, you can log in to any BlackBerry product that supports BlackBerry ID. For example, with BlackBerry ID you can manage apps that you downloaded from the BlackBerry App World storefront and keep apps you downloaded when you switch smartphones. For more information, see BlackBerry ID.

Voice enabled search

Looking for something? You can now use your voice to search for help, contacts, documents, pictures, videos, and more on your smartphone and on the Internet. For more information, see Search for an item using voice enabled search.

Home screen customization

Customize the home screen even more by hiding panels you don't use regularly, and hiding icons in specific panels or all panels. For more information, see Show or hide a home screen panel and Show, hide, or find an application icon.

NFC technology

NFC technology allows you to quickly exchange information between your smartphone and smart accessories, smart payment terminals, smart access points, and smart tags. When you tap the NFC smart tag reader of your smartphone against a smart tag, you can see information such as web addresses, coupons, graphics, media files, and event details. For more information, see NFC technology.

Touch-free call answering

You don't need to use your hands to answer calls when you're using a Bluetooth enabled headset or a regular headset! Now you can set your smartphone to answer calls automatically after 5 seconds. For more information, see Change how you answer calls with a headset.

Bluetooth enhancements

You can now send multiple pictures at once using Bluetooth technology. For details, see Send a file.

Conveniently send and receive a contact card (also called a vCard) using Bluetooth technology, and save the received contact card into your smartphone's contact list. For more information, see Send contact cards using Bluetooth technology.

Video enhancements

You can now play back video in HD (720 x 1280) format.

Picture enhancements

When you rotate JPEG and PNG pictures, the pictures are saved automatically in the rotated view.

Sort pictures from either newest to oldest, or oldest to newest. This lets you see a slide show in the order that pictures were taken.

You can now view pictures in a slide show using transitions such a sliding, zooming, and panning. For more information, see Change your slide show options.