About connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Your BlackBerry smartphone can use the Wi-Fi network instead of the mobile network to visit webpages, send and receive email messages, and so on. When you connect to the Internet with a Wi-Fi network, you might avoid data charges that are associated with using your mobile network, and, in many cases, the connection speed is faster.

Hotspots are available in many public places. Some hotspots are free to use, while others require payment. Your wireless service provider might provide an application for your smartphone that allows you to log in to a hotspot. If you do not have an application on your smartphone, you might have to set up your own account online and log in manually.

If you have an access point or router that supports , you can connect to it using Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, your smartphone saves the connection information so that the next time that you are within range of that network, your smartphone connects to it automatically.