Known issues

This section lists known issues for Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0.


In Portuguese and British English, the "Offline Message Sent On" string might not display. You might not realize that you received the messages while you were offline.

After receiving a contact card, the next time that you open conversation, you might see a "unable to display content" error message.

After installing new languages using BlackBerry Desktop Software, Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones might no longer appear on your smartphone.

Workaround: You can try re-installing Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry smartphones.

If you don't have a media card and you accept a file transfer that is 3MB or larger, the file transfer doesn't complete successfully.


After turning on a parental control to block the use of this application, you need to manually sign out before the app is successfully blocked.

If the application has been blocked using by a parental control, you might see the end user license agreement even though you cannot use the app.

If you try opening the app when the connections on your smartphone are turned off or your SIM card is not inserted, you incorrectly see an error message telling you that your service plan does not support the application.

Workaround: Restore the connections on your smartphone or insert your SIM card, and try opening the app again.

The options for remembering your password and automatically logging you in might be selected by default.

Workaround: Before signing in, you can clear the options.

After accepting an add request, the notification might continue to display on the Home screen of your smartphone.

Workaround: You can log out and log back in.

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