Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for Google Talk for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0.


You might not be able to send a file to a friend until you send a chat message.

If you select the Optimize for File Viewing checkbox for .wpd or .ods files, the file transfer might appear to be working but it doesn't complete.


After creating a custom status, it might not be added to the status list.

The Today View might not show a preview of new messages you receive.

You might not be able to show friends on the Home screen of your BlackBerry smartphone.

While accepting a friend request, if you try to link the friend with the Contacts app, you might see a "Failed to execute your last action" error message and the notification continues to display on the Home screen.

If Google Talk for BlackBerry smartphones is in the Instant Messaging folder, when you receive a new message a new item indicator might not appear on the folder.

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