I can't pair my BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

Try the following actions:

  • On your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, check that the Bluetooth connection is turned on.
  • Check that the LED notification light on your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is flashing blue and red when you are pairing with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. If it isn't, press and hold the Ctrl key while turning on the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard.

If you previously paired your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, try the following actions:

  1. On the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, delete the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard from the pairing list.
  2. On the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, clear the pairing list by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and the Backspace key for 6 seconds. Turn the On/Off switch off and on.
  3. Pair the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard again.
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