Protecting NFC connections

NFC technology is a short-range, wireless technology that is designed to allow you to quickly exchange information between an NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone and NFC-enabled smartphones, smart accessories, NFC-enabled payment terminals, NFC-enabled access points, and smart tags.

An NFC-enabled smartphone uses a secure element to store confidential information, such as credit card numbers, coupons, loyalty cards, and public transit passes. Depending on your smartphone model and wireless service provider, a secure element can be embedded on your smartphone or on a SIM card.

An application can access your smartphone's secure element if you trust the application, or your smartphone is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Otherwise, if an application needs to access your smartphone's secure element you are prompted to allow access. You can change your application permissions to always allow, always deny, or require a prompt to access the secure element.

An NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone includes the following security measures:
  • You can turn off NFC technology on your smartphone.
  • By default, your smartphone prompts you each time it tries to send or receive a file using BlackBerry Tag.
  • You must request a connection with a smart accessory (for example, by tapping your smartphone on a smart tag).
  • You can disable NFC payment transactions when your smartphone is turned off, locked, or the backlight is turned off.

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