Controlling downloaded applications

Your BlackBerry smartphone includes virus protection and spyware protection that is designed to contain and prevent the spread of viruses and spyware to other applications.

You can download third-party applications for your BlackBerry smartphone over the wireless network from the BlackBerry App World storefront or a website. A third-party application can communicate and share data with other third-party applications and smartphone applications. You can proactively protect your smartphone from viruses and spyware by only downloading applications from trustworthy sources.

When you download an application, you might be prompted to trust the application or to set permissions for it. If you trust the application, your smartphone sets most permissions for the application to Allow. You can change the permissions for a specific application or all applications to control access to the following resources:



Advanced Capabilties

Set whether third-party applications can perform advanced operations, such as simulating key presses, managing your applications, or modifying Internet browsing.

Appearance Settings

Set whether third-party applications can change settings that affect the visual appearance or behavior of your smartphone, such as preventing your smartphone from locking when it is left idle.


Set whether third-party applications can make phone calls, send text messages, access the Internet, and use other connectivity features. Some applications may send information to third-party companies or create connections that are billable by your wireless service provider.


Set whether third-party applications can request your smartphone's GPS location. Some applications might share this information with third-party companies or use it for targeted advertising.

Personal Information

Set whether third-party applications can access content, such as your email address, contact information, audio files, video files, and other saved files. Some applications might share your personal information with third-party companies.

Secure Element

Set whether third-party applications can access confidential information that are stored on your smartphone's secure element, such as credit card numbers, coupons, loyalty cards, and public transit passes. Depending on your smartphone model and wireless service provider, your smartphone might not use a secure element.

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