Protecting passwords that your smartphone stores

You can use the Password Keeper to store all your passwords in one place. The Password Keeper is designed to protect your passwords using a Password Keeper password. You only need to remember the Password Keeper password.

The first time you open the Password Keeper on your smartphone, you must create the Password Keeper password. The Password Keeper is designed to encrypt the information that is stored within it and when you type the Password Keeper password, the Password Keeper decrypts this information. If the number of allowed password attempts in the Password Keeper is exceeded, the Password Keeper data can't be accessed unless your smartphone data is restored and the password used to encrypt the password keeper data is entered.

In the Password Keeper, you can do the following:
  • Type a password and its identifying information (for example, which application you can access using the password).
  • Generate random passwords that are designed to improve password strength.
  • Copy passwords and paste them into an application or password prompt for a website.

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