About BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing

You can use BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing to easily join and schedule conference calls on your BlackBerry smartphone. If a meeting invitation contains conference call information (such as a conference call bridge number and an access code), BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing recognizes the information. Before the start time of the call, a meeting reminder appears on your smartphone with a Join Now button that connects you to the conference call with one click. When you schedule a meeting using the Calendar application on your smartphone, you can easily add your conference information from a saved profile. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing also displays the meeting subject as the caller ID on your smartphone screen during a conference call.

When you install BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, it is integrated with the Calendar application on your smartphone. You can use this application from the Calendar application of your smartphone. BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing replaces the Calendar application’s existing conferencing features.

To install BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, your smartphone must be running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later. For more information about updating your smartphone software, visit www.blackberry.com/update/.

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