About scheduling a conference call from a computer

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To schedule a conference call from a computer, you must be the meeting organizer or be creating the meeting on behalf of the meeting organizer. For information about creating meetings on behalf of another person, see the Help for the email application on your computer.

You can use your computer's calendar application or a web-based calendar to schedule a conference call that you can access on your BlackBerry smartphone. When the conference call starts, the meeting organizer and participants who have BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing on their smartphones can join the conference call using the Join Now option.

If you schedule a conference call on the calendar application of a computer that includes the moderator and participant access codes, the moderator access code is visible to all participants of the conference call. To keep the moderator access code hidden from participants, delete it from the meeting invitation. If create an audio conference profile on your smartphone, conference calls that you schedule from your computer's calendar application or a web-based calendar use the moderator access code of that audio conference profile when you use the Join Now option. For conference calls to be discovered automatically, make sure that you enter the conference details in the top portion of the Notes section of the meeting invitation.


If the conference call bridge number is a US toll-free number 1-800-555-5555, the participant access code is 55555, the moderator access code is 55551, type the following information in the body of the meeting invitation:
  • US Toll Free: 1-800-555-5555
  • Moderator Access Code: 55551
  • Participant Access Code: 55555
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