Add a special character, a pause, or a wait to an audio conference profile

If your conferencing system requires you to enter special characters, such as a number sign (#) or an asterisk (*), you can add that information to an audio conference profile. You can also add a pause or a wait to separate additional numbers (for example, an extension or a PIN) from a primary number (for example, a conference call bridge number or access code). If you add a wait or a pause, your BlackBerry smartphone pauses before automatically dialing the additional numbers.

For more information on the additional dialing requirements, such as adding a PIN, see the Help for your conferencing system.

  1. In an audio conference profile, in the Moderator Access Code field or Participant Access Code field, type the required information, such as the access code and PIN.
    • To add a special character, type the character.
    • To add a pause, type a comma (,).
    • To add a wait, type an exclamation point (!).
  2. Press the Menu key > Save.

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