BlackBerry Messenger

Release Notes


About updating your applications

Updating the applications on your BlackBerry smartphone can offer you the following benefits:
  • access to new features
  • resolve a technical issue

You can download applications from the BlackBerry App World storefront. For more information about the BlackBerry App World storefront, on a computer visit

If you need help using an application, you can find answers in the application by pressing the Menu key and clicking Help on your smartphone.

New features and enhancements

The new features and enhancements for BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 include the following items:

More emoticons

With approximately a dozen new emoticons, you can easily show how you're feeling or what you're doing.

Longer status messages

The character limit for status messages has been increased. You can now share up to 160 characters.

Chat bubble colors

You can now specify a chat bubble color for contacts instead of using the default color for individual chats, multiperson chats, and BBM Group chats. You can return to the default color at any time.

Animated display pictures

You can now set animated .gif files as display pictures in BBM, and view other people's animated display pictures. Note: The picture needs to be square (the height and width, in pixels, are the same).

Display picture integration

You can quickly set a picture on your smartphone as your BBM display picture by selecting the Set As BBM Display Picture option from the menu.


  • At least 5.0 MB of available application storage
  • BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later
  • A wireless service data plan

Depending on your wireless service provider or organization, you might not be able to use BlackBerry Messenger.

Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for BBM 6.1.


In some cases, clicking the app icon on the Home screen didn't open BBM.

You couldn't view the BBM description in the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Display pictures might not have animated in Recent Updates.

File transfers might have been automatically declined if you didn't have an inserted media card with enough storage available. Now an error message displays.

If you're smartphone is set to Arabic, you might not have been able to view BBM system messages.

After you changed the options for recent updates, the maximum number of recent updates shown might not have changed.


If a contact using an older version of BBM sent you a message but the message did not send right away, when the contact upgraded to the latest version of BBM you might have been confused when you received the older message.

There was no menu option to resend messages or file transfers that didn't send.

Occaisonally, the chat history might not have appeared in a chat.

Messages you sent might not have appeared until you re-opened the chat.

You couldn't open locations in BlackBerry Maps that you sent or recieved.

The draft message icon might have continued to appear even after you sent the message.

If you didn't have a chat open with a contact and the contact sends you a file, if you didn't have enough storage space available for the file, the file transfer might have been cancelled. Now an error message displays.

In some cases, if a contact tried to send you a picture or a voice note, you might have seen an error message that your built-in media storage is full even if there's enough space to save the file.

When you clicked Send or Cancel while composing a broadcast message, another contact might have been selected instead.

If you opened and closed a chat quickly, text messages in the chat might have disappeared.

If you turned on content protection on a smartphone running BlackBerry 6.0 or 7.0, you might not have been able to forward a BBM contact.

BBM Groups

The Group Updates section didn't show a red star on new items.

A shared picture might have appeared twice, and a previously shared picture might no longer appear.

If you shared an existing appointment with a group from the Calendar app, a duplicate appointment might have appeared in your calendar.

Known issues

This section lists known issues for BBM 6.1.


If you answer an invitation question incorrectly, the invitation remains in your Pending contacts list even though you cannot change your answer.

Workaround: You can manually delete the invitation and ask the person to invite you again.

You might not be able to delete a contact while a multiperson chat with that contact is open.

Workaround: Leave the multiperson chat and try deleting the contact again.

If you set the Show Recent Updates option to None, recent updates might still display.

Emoticons, including flags, that are in a contact or group member's display name might not appear correctly outside of chats and group chats.

If the display language on your BlackBerry smartphone is set to Arabic or Hebrew, brackets around text might not display correctly.


After setting BBM to save your chat history, when you open a chat, the messages might scroll up suddenly.

If you turn off automatic voicenote recording and then click the Reply button for a voice note, it might still automatically start recording.

You might not be able to use the trackpad on your smartphone to click a website address.

Workaround: You can click the Get Link item from the menu or click the link using the touchscreen.

If you send a map location with a customize zoom and position, the contact might receive the original map instead.

If you forward a text message as a BBM message, you might not receive confirmation that the message has been sent.

If you forward a picture that you received in a chat to a Bluetooth device, the recipient might receive a .tmp file rather than a .jpg. The recipient cannot view the picture.

Workaround: You can try saving the picture to your smartphone or to a media card before forwarding it.

You cannot send files to contacts in a multiperson chat.

Workaround: You can send files to contacts individually or you can share pictures within a group.

BBM Groups

The View Availability button doesn't appear while you are creating a calendar event.

If you set your smartphone font size to 14, you might not be able to see the appointment name or calendar icon when sending the appointment to a BBM contact.

Workaround: Reduce the font size to 10 or smaller.

If the display language on your smartphone is set to Thai, accents in the Group Updates section might overlap each other.

You might not be able to post a comment on a picture if your comment is long and includes special characters, such as symbols and emoticons.

If a group member shares a picture after the picture limit for the group has been reached, the new picture replaces an older one but the picture counter might incorrectly update to one more than the group limit.

If you set the group option to save pictures that members share to a media card, and if you share a picture from the Camera application, an extra copy of the picture might appear on your media card.

Workaround: You can share pictures from the Pictures section of a group.

If you click View Calendar from a group update, the calendar incorrectly displays today’s date.

If you register an email address that uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with BBM, wipe your smartphone, add new contacts or groups, and register the email address with BBM again, your previous groups might not be recovered.

Workaround: You can try asking a person from the group to remove you from the group and re-invite you.