New features and enhancements

The new features and enhancements for BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 include the following items:

More emoticons

With approximately a dozen new emoticons, you can easily show how you're feeling or what you're doing.

Longer status messages

The character limit for status messages has been increased. You can now share up to 160 characters.

Chat bubble colors

You can now specify a chat bubble color for contacts instead of using the default color for individual chats, multiperson chats, and BBM Group chats. You can return to the default color at any time.

Animated display pictures

You can now set animated .gif files as display pictures in BBM, and view other people's animated display pictures. Note: The picture needs to be square (the height and width, in pixels, are the same).

Display picture integration

You can quickly set a picture on your smartphone as your BBM display picture by selecting the Set As BBM Display Picture option from the menu.

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