I cannot send a picture

Depending on your wireless service provider, organization, or the number of applications that you installed and are running at one time on your BlackBerry smartphone, you might not be able to send pictures that are a certain size.

Try performing any of the following actions:
  • Try sending a smaller picture. Depending on your BlackBerry Device Software, you might be prompted to resize the picture. To check the size of the picture that you want to send, in the Camera application, highlight the picture. Press the Image of Menu key key > Properties.
  • If you recently minimized applications on your smartphone using the End key, on the Home screen of your smartphone, click the icon for one of these applications. Press and hold the Escape key to close the application and free some of your smartphone memory. Try sending the picture again.
  • On a computer, try resizing the picture or saving it with a lower resolution before you send the picture again.

For more information about the file transfer limits for your smartphone, contact your wireless service provider or organization.

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