Share media files using the media server

The Wi-Fi connection must be turned on, and your BlackBerry smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device you want to share media files with.
  1. On the home screen, click the Media icon.
  2. Press the Menu key > Media Server.
  3. Select the Turn on Media Server checkbox.
  4. When the file sharing indicator appears in the upper-right corner of the home screen, use the connected device you want to share media files with to access your smartphone.
  5. On your smartphone allow access to your shared media files when prompted.
  6. To automatically accept all requests to share your media files, click Access Control and select the Auto Accept All Connections checkbox.
Note: If you turn off the media server and then turn it on again, devices that are identified by IP addresses will prompt you again for access to your media files.

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