Navigate to a destination

In order to perform this task, GPS technology must be turned on.

You can use the Compass application to help you navigate by direction rather than by a driving route, for example, if you are in an area with no roads or if you are walking to your destination.

  1. On the home screen or in the Applications folder, click the Compass icon.
  2. Press the Menu key > Set Destination.
    • To find your destination on the map, place the cursor on the map.
    • To search for a specific location, in the Search field, type the address or the latitude and longitude coordinates. Click the destination.
    • To search for a point of interest, such as a business or landmark, in the Search field, type the information for the point of interest. Click the destination.

The compass displays the direction of the destination.

To clear the destination from the compass, press the Menu key > Clear Destination.

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