About NFC technology

If your wireless service provider supports NFC technology, you can use NFC technology to quickly and wirelessly exchange information between your BlackBerry smartphone and other NFC-enabled smartphones, smart accessories, NFC-enabled electronic payment terminals, and NFC-enabled access points. You can also use NFC technology to save, view, create, or change smart tags.

Depending on your wireless service provider and the applications you have added to your smartphone, you might be able to use your smartphone as a transit pass, an access pass, or a credit card by tapping the back of your smartphone against an NFC-enabled access point or NFC-enabled electronic payment terminal, subject to applicable terms and conditions from the particular vendor.

To use NFC technology on your smartphone, your smartphone must be within approximately 0.78 in. (2 cm) of the NFC-enabled smartphone, NFC-enabled electronic payment terminal, smart accessory, NFC-enabled access point, or smart tag that you want to exchange information with. When information is transferred over an NFC connection, your smartphone vibrates.

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