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About the BlackBerry ID

A BlackBerry ID gives you convenient access to multiple BlackBerry products and services. After you create a BlackBerry ID, you can use a single email address and password to log in to any BlackBerry product that supports BlackBerry ID. With BlackBerry ID, you can manage apps that you downloaded from the BlackBerry App World storefront and keep apps you downloaded when you switch smartphones.

When you set up your BlackBerry smartphone, you might be required to create a BlackBerry ID. You can also create a BlackBerry ID from within an app that uses BlackBerry ID, or by visiting

Some services and apps that support BlackBerry ID require you to re-enter your login information after a certain amount of time has passed if you are not actively using the app. You might also be required to re-enter your BlackBerry ID login information if you change any of your BlackBerry ID information, if you delete all the data on your smartphone, or if you update your BlackBerry Device Software on your smartphone.

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