BlackBerry Desktop Software

Release Notes

2.2.1 b7

About this product

The BlackBerry Desktop Software works with BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets to complete the following tasks:

  • Synchronize your media files (music, pictures, and videos)
  • Back up and restore your smartphone or tablet data
  • Update your BlackBerry Device Software or BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Manage multiple smartphones and tablets

Additionally, you can complete the following tasks with BlackBerry smartphones:

  • Synchronize your organizer data (calendar entries, contacts, tasks, and memos)
  • Transfer your settings and data to a new smartphone
  • Add, update, or remove smartphone applications

New features and enhancements

The new features and enhancements for the BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.2.1 b7 include the following item:

Support for new BlackBerry smartphones

  • BlackBerry Curve 9380
  • BlackBerry Bold 9790
  • Porsche Design P'9981

Known issues

This section lists known issues for the BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.2.1 b7.


If you have the Automatically import media when device is connected option enabled, the BlackBerry Desktop Software becomes unresponsive if you disconnect your smartphone during an automatic import from the media card. (DT 2403273)

If you have two BlackBerry devices---smartphones or tablets---connected to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, and you disconnect one device by pulling the USB cable while the other device is synchronizing data, the BlackBerry Desktop Software stops syncing data with the connected device. (DT 2387805)

If you have BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.1 installed on your computer and you install BlackBerry Device Manager 2.2, when you connect your smartphone or your tablet to your computer, the BlackBerry Desktop Software does not launch automatically. (DT 2055040)

If you connect a tablet when it's turned off, the tablet isn't connected when you turn it on again. (DT 1196935)

After updating from the previous version of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, the phone number for the Apple Assistant in your contacts switches fields but you didn't make that change. (DT 1012344)

If you connect a device with BlackBerry Device Software 4.1 or lower, you don't receive a message that the device is unsupported. (DT 890537)

Some configurations, such as updating your media card size, aren't displayed when you connect your smartphone. (DT 633783)

Applications and software loading

In some situations, when you try to add or remove applications on your smartphone using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, the BlackBerry Desktop Software is unable to validate some of the applications on your smartphone and you receive the following error: "BlackBerry Desktop Software failed to validate your BlackBerry device update. Aborting install due to validation failure. Some packages contained unsatisfied dependencies."

You might experience this issue if you have upgraded an application that was installed as part of your BlackBerry Device Software, for example, by visiting the BlackBerry App World storefront.

Workaround: Before trying to upgrade an application using the BlackBerry Desktop Software, remove the application from your smartphone, then use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to load the latest version of the application on to your smartphone. (DT 2403505)

The BlackBerry Desktop Software doesn't notify you that the "Allow Web-Based Software Loading" IT policy has been set to No. When you check for updates, you won't receive any updates. (DT 1103650)

You aren't prompted to retry the connection when you attempt to update software without a battery in your smartphone. (DT 989053)

You cannot update your third-party applications through an ALX file. (DT 832054)

Your computer goes into sleep mode when loading applications and restoring data to your device fails. (DT 633954)

Workaround: Manually restore any missing databases to your device.

You receive the following error message when you try to update your device with a slow Internet connection: " BlackBerry Desktop Software failed to validate your BlackBerry device update." ( DT 508239)

Backing up and restoring data

If you configure the BlackBerry Desktop Software to write backup files to a read-only folder, the BlackBerry Desktop Software displays the following generic error message: "An error occurred while backing up your tablet. Try backing up again. If an error occurs again, contact your support representative." (DT 2359954)

Workaround: Change the permissions on the destination folder, or write the backup file to another folder which does not have read-only permissions.

When you click the Restore icon, the archive details that display in the lower pane might not reflect the content of the highlighted backup file. (DT 2140681)

Workaround: To view the details of your backup file, use your mouse to click the backup file name. The lower pane updates and displays the data for the selected backup file.

If you use a smartphone with built-in memory, you cannot restore a media file that contains a square bracket in the file name. (DT 2089246)

Your computer hangs if the Log Viewer is open while backing up your tablet with a large amount of data. (DT 2006930)

Workaround: Close the Log Viewer or turn off debug logging, and try again.

If you change computers or switch user accounts, you receive an error when backing up your smartphone: "The backup failed due to an unexpected error." (DT 1105356)

You don't receive any instructions on turning on mass storage mode when backing up your device. (DT 755328)

Workaround: Turn on mass storage mode (on your device, click Options > Memory and select Yes for Mass Storage Mode) and try again.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is displaying the wrong message when a device with built-in media storage has mass storage mode set to off: "Device does not have on-board device memory." (DT 711448)

You receive a "Restore data cancelled" message in the status bar even though the data from your media card and built-in media storage is restored. (DT 647668)

You don't receive a warning message when a backup file isn't created because there isn't enough disk space; you receive a message that "The selected backup file is either invalid or corrupt." (DT 614089)

You cannot complete an encrypted backup with a large amount of data in your built-in media storage. (DT 349826)

Workaround: Turn off encryption or delete some data from your built-in media storage.


If you configure the iCloud online service on Mac OS X 10.7.2, you can't sync your iCal entries using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. After you configure synchronization for your calendar, you receive the following BlackBerry Desktop Software error message: "There are no calendars for synchronization." This issue occurs because the iCloud online service moves your iCal calendars from your local computer to the iCloud server. Calendars on the iCloud server are read-only. Also, the Sync button in the BlackBerry Desktop Software is not greyed out, and it appears that you can sync your iCal entries. If you click Sync, you receive a synchronization error. (DT 2115620)

Workaround: If you receive a synchronization error, you must create or select an existing calendar with write permissions on your computer to sync with the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Once you select a local calendar with write permissions, in the Advanced Settings section for calendar synchronization, select the Replace all calendar events on this BlackBerry device checkbox and click Sync.

If you have more than one calendar in iCal and you configure calendar sync, if you create an event in iCal and sync to your smartphone and then later delete the event from iCal and manually force the event to sync to your smartphone, the BlackBerry Desktop Software does not delete the event from the smartphone and you receive a synchronization error. (DT 2333729)

Workaround: In the Advanced Settings section for calendar synchronization, select the Replace all calendar events on this BlackBerry device checkbox and click Sync.

Reminder time reverts back to its original value after changing it on the smartphone and syncing again with Microsoft Entourage. (DT 122278)

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is trying to add a fixed alarm to each event in iCal even though it was already deleted. (DT 1041456)

An error occurs when you sync an appointment recurring every year that was created on iCal, with an end date and multiple interval option. (DT 849143)

When you add an occurrence of a recurring calendar entry on your mail client, and sync to the device, a conflict window appears. (DT 822068)

Calendar entries are duplicated in iCal after upgrading the BlackBerry Desktop Software to version 2.0 and synchronizing your data. (DT 812353)

If you update a recurring calendar entry to include an end date, the end date isn't updated on your device. (DT 807118)

Choosing to delete the data from your computer after clearing the data on your device and synchronizing with your computer doesn't delete the data. (DT 766002)

A recurring appointment on the last day of February is synced to the device as the first Saturday in February. (DT 765973)

Changing an entry to a recurring entry on your calendar isn't synchronized to the device. (DT 762026)

Entries that are set to recur on "every last day of each month" or "every last day of a month every year" are not synchronized to your device. (DT 761216)

Your appointment reminders are duplicated in iCal after selecting "Forget Device" before you synchronize. (DT 755258)

The URL field in iCal is deleted during when you synchronize for a second time and you have slow sync selected. (DT 624178)

If you delete entries on your device, they are added to your computer again after synchronizing your data instead of being deleted from your computer. (DT 621260)

A conflict occurs when attempting to synchronize organizer data that has a different data format on your computer compared to your device. (DT 621174)

Changing a non-key field that exists on your device and your computer triggers a conflict after refreshing your synchronization. (DT 620319)

Changing a key field that exists on your device and your computer results in duplicated entries after refreshing your synchronization. (DT 619494)

Monthly recurring entries created on the 31st day of the month don't synchronize for months that don't have 31 days. (DT 618214)

Recurring events that occur in the past are synced to device when synchronizing with "Future events only" selected. (DT 569719)

Recurring, all-day calendar appointments that were created before the first Sunday of November 2006 are pushed forward by 1 hour on your device. (DT 569465)

You receive a sync error when adding or removing a BlackBerry Internet Service calendar for the first time after synchronizing. (DT 532306)

Only one all-day entry is synced to the device when creating monthly recurring, multiple all-day events. (DT 525554)

You receive sync errors if synchronizing the Meeting calendar category in iCal. (DT 519976)

Workaround: Sync all categories except for the Meeting calendar.

There might be problems synchronizing all-day events from your computer to your device if your device has a different time zone. After synchronizing, the All Day Event check box isn't selected on your device and the start time isn't updated to the correct time. (DT 456610)

Changing a single instance of an all-day recurring event creates a duplicate entry on your device. (DT 424576)

You don't receive a warning when a new calendar event from your device cannot be added to a deleted calendar. Calendar events are added to a different calendar. (DT 382912)

In Entourage, if you synchronize a meeting (with attendees) again without making any changes, the organizer name is added to the attendee list with a status of "Accepted" using the safer sync option. (DT 356242)

Workaround: In BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device Options and select the faster sync option.

Calendar entries turn into all-day events and end dates roll back by one day, if you synchronize an event again from 12:00AM to 12:00AM using the safer sync option. (DT 355548)

Workaround: In BlackBerry Desktop Software, click Device Options and select the faster sync option.

If you change one entry from a recurring event from iCal, a duplicate entry is created on your device. (DT 355496)

Reminder time reverts back to its original value after changing it on the device and syncing again with Entourage. (DT 122278)


Deleting the last name of a contact doesn't sync to the device. (DT 797201)

If your computer is set to India Standard Time, your birthday and anniversary field show up one day behind after synchronizing to your computer. (DT 711659)

If your computer is set to India Standard Time, a new occurrence of a daily recurring entry on your device is not synchronized to your computer. (DT 711595)

When synchronizing the Address Book, you receive a "A sync error occurred. Please retry the sync." (DT 710257)

You receive the following error message when synchronizing your contacts: "Address Book cannot be accessed for synchronization." (DT 639912)

Workaround: Complete the following steps:
  1. Back up your device.
  2. Clear the Address Book database.
  3. Restore the Address Book database to the device.
  4. Synchronize your data.

The "Home" email address label changes to "Work" after adding a contact's home email to your computer's address book, synchronizing it to the device, changing it on the device, and synchronizing it again. (DT 541893)

Multiple home or work numbers for contacts aren't synced from Entourage to your device. If two home or work numbers are included for contacts in Entourage, only one of them is synced. (DT 540616)

The third line under a contact's street address is deleted from the Apple Address Book after changing a field from your device and syncing again. (DT 534211)

Your contact images are synchronizing to your device as different sizes depending on the quality of the source image, even though the source image is large. (DT 445249)

You receive an error when synchronizing with BlackBerry Desktop Software after having synchronized with PocketMac without uninstalling PocketMac. (DT 353972)

Workaround: Uninstall PocketMac and the BlackBerry Desktop Software and then reinstall BlackBerry Desktop Software.


Notes are duplicating on your device and your computer when synchronizing with Entourage and Apple Mail. (DT 396172)

Notes stored in Microsoft Exchange are not synchronized to your device; only notes that are locally stored on your computer are synchronized. (DT 361078)

An incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to sync with an application that doesn't exist on your device: "The [application] database cannot be accessed for synchronization. For help resolving the issue, refer to KB19454 in the BlackBerry Desktop Software Knowledge Base." (DT 358106)


The recurrence field for the tasks on your smartphone doesn't sync to iCal or Outlook for Mac 2011. (DT 1098702)

If you have a completed task entry in Entourage and your smartphone, the task is duplicated in Entourage after a sync. (DT 894395)

Deleting a single occurrence of a recurring task on a mail client duplicates the task on the device. (DT 831317)

If you delete a recurring task that is completed, and sync your data, it is duplicated on your device. (DT 762031)

A completed task is changed to uncompleted when synchronized to Entourage. (DT 759541)

A conflict appears when you synchronize your tasks after upgrading the BlackBerry Desktop Software version. (DT 709676)

The reminder field for a task is lost in Entourage and iCal when synchronizing after changing your data. (DT 627799)

Synchronizing a changed task from Entourage changes the time in the due date on your device. (DT 627751)

The time stamp in the due date for the device task becomes 12:00AM after changing fields in Entourage. (DT 358782)

When the value in the Status field in your device tasks is set to "In Progress," "Waiting," or "Deferred," the value in the Status field in your device tasks is deleted and set to "Not Started" after modifying any field in your iCal Tasks. (DT 356655)


In some situations, when you synchronize music files between your computer and your smartphone or tablet, the process that writes album art to the Media Cache folder might continue to run in the background. This process negatively impacts your computer's CPU usage and memory. Also, the log files indicate that the process has failed although the album art has been successfully written to the folder. (DT 2378521)

If you rename the artist or genre in iTunes, the BlackBerry Desktop Software no longer recognizes it and the playlist is cleared. (DT 1020955)

If your media card is full, you can't sync the rest of your media files until you reduce your reserved storage space and sync again. (DT 1020938)

Workaround: Clear the All events check box, and then select it again. Try to sync your media files again.

Changing a song's genre isn't updated on the device when you sync again. (DT 799796)

If you rename a song with symbols in iTunes, the new name of the song isn't synced to your device. (DT 745960)

The storage bar shows the amount of music even when you receive the following message: Please insert a media card. (DT 662659)

Songs with long names are cut off in the progress bar when you synchronize your music. (DT 658632)

Apple lossless files are synced but can't be played on your device. (DT 648712)

Partial music files are not deleted when a device is disconnected during synchronization and the partial music file is duplicated during the next synchronization. (DT 570554)


If an album in iPhoto has a large amount of pictures (20,000), CPU and memory usage spikes when you open the BlackBerry Desktop Software. (DT 1042729)

Workaround: Delete the album.

Previously synced pictures are imported into iPhoto again, if you select the Include previously imported media check box. (DT 1016736)

If you optimize your pictures to sync to your device, the time stamp is changed. (DT 805107)

Switching to a new smartphone

After switching to a new smartphone, your previously synced pictures are copied to your new smartphone and duplicated when you sync again. (DT 2002357)


Sizes for video files aren't calculated accurately and might prevent larger videos from being synchronized. (DT 1027100)

When importing media, it looks like unsupported videos are available to import but they aren't supported in iPhoto. (DT 1025486)

Wi-Fi music sync

Playlists that you create or update on your smartphone might not sync correctly to iTunes on your computer. (DT 2058799)

Deleting songs from a playlist in iTunes doesn't sync the changes to the device when the playlist was created on the device. The playlist on the device remains unchanged. (DT 1395844)

Workaround: Try syncing again or try a USB sync.

In some cases, renaming a playlist in iTunes that was created on your device creates a copy of the first playlist with a different name. (DT 1279323)

Workaround: Delete the copy of the playlist in iTunes.

The server fails to bind to ports when Parallels Desktop for Mac is running. (DT 1039578)

When you clear your "Tracks on the device" playlist in the Music section of BlackBerry Desktop Software, the playlist remains on your smartphone and will re-appear when you next connect your smartphone to the BlackBerry Desktop Software. (DT 1030773)

The home music listed on your smartphone is updated without warning if your smartphone has been registered to use music sync on another computer. (DT 880013)

System requirements: BlackBerry Desktop Software

Computer and software

  • Mac OS 10.5.8 or later
  • iTunes 7.7.1 or later for music synchronization
  • iPhoto '08 or later to import your pictures and videos
  • An active Internet connection

BlackBerry devices

  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • BlackBerry Device Software 4.2 or later and a media card or built-in media storage
  • For the Wi-Fi music sync feature, BlackBerry 6 or later