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Tips: Doing things quickly

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Access popular options such as setting the alarm, viewing notifications, and turning on or turning off network connections.

Highlight and click the areas at the top of the home screen.

See all the apps and folders on the Home screen, or minimize the panel and view the wallpaper.

On the navigation bar, click All.

Switch to another app.

Press and hold the Menu key. Click an app.
Note: The other app might still be running in the background.

Open an app with a convenience key.

Press a convenience key on the side of your BlackBerry® smartphone.
Note: You can customize which app a convenience key opens.

Use toolbars.

Toolbars are available in most applications, and appear at the bottom of the screen. For example, you can click icons on the toolbar in the message list to quickly search the message list, compose an email, and delete the selected message. To see a description for a toolbar icon, touch and hold the icon.

Use pop-up menus.

Pop-up menus provide common available actions, and appear in the center of the screen. For example, you can use the pop-up menu in a message to file, forward, or reply to the message. To open a pop-up menu, touch and hold the screen or press and hold the trackpad. To select a command, tap the icon or click the trackpad.

Switch to the Favorites, Media, Downloads, and Frequent panels.

On the home screen, highlight All on the navigation bar and swipe right or left.

Add an app to the Favorites panel.

Highlight an app on the home screen or in a folder. Press the Menu key > Mark as Favorite.

Change options for the home screen such as the wallpaper.

On the home screen, press the Menu key > Options.

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