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Important keys

Keys on the front of your BlackBerry smartphone

Image of Trackpad


  • Slide your finger to move around the screen.
  • Press (click) to select an item.
  • Press and hold to open a pop-up menu.

Image of Menu key


  • Open a menu.
  • Select a highlighted menu item.
  • Press and hold to switch applications quickly.

Image of Escape key


  • Return to the previous screen.
  • Close the menu.

Image of Send key


  • Make a call.
  • Answer a call.

Image of End/Power key


  • End a call.
  • Return to the home screen.
  • Press and hold to turn on or turn off your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Keys on the top of your smartphone

Image of Lock key


Lock or unlock the screen.

Keys on the right side of your smartphone

Image of Volume/Mute keys


  • Press the top and bottom keys to change the volume.
  • Press and hold the top or bottom key to play the next or previous media file.
  • Before you take a picture or record a video, press the top or bottom key to zoom in or out.
  • Press the middle key to mute a call or mute the volume.

Image of Convenience key

Convenience key

  • If supported, open the camera. To take a picture, press the convenience key again.
  • You can also customize this key.


Image of Shift key


Capitalize letters.

Image of Alt key


Type a symbol or number.

Image of  Backspace/Delete key


Delete the previous character or a selected item.

Image of Enter key


Select an item.

Image of Speakerphone key


Turn on or turn off the speakerphone during a call.

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