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Encrypt a message with a passphrase

Your BlackBerry® smartphone can encrypt email and PIN messages using a passphrase shared between the sender and recipient.
  1. In an unsent message, set the Encoding field to Encrypt or Sign and Encrypt.
  2. Press the Menu key > Options.
  3. If you're signing the message, in the Signing section, select a certificate.
  4. In the Encryption section, select the Use Password-Based Encryption checkbox.
  5. In the Allowed Content Ciphers section, select the checkbox beside one or more allowed content ciphers.
  6. Press the Menu key > Save.
  7. Type your message.
  8. Press the Menu key > Send.
  9. Type a passphrase to encrypt the message.
  10. Confirm the passphrase.
  11. Click OK.
After you finish: Using a secure method, let the recipient know what the passphrase is.
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