Process flow: Switch BlackBerry smartphones

If you answer no to any of the questions below, skip to the next step in the process flow. If you answer yes, click the link that follows the question to see the steps that you need to complete.

  1. Do you want to move your data (for example, contacts, messages, and appointments) from your previous BlackBerry® smartphone to your new one, and are both of your smartphones running BlackBerry® 7 or later? Move data to a new smartphone using a media card.

    If your smartphones are not running BlackBerry 7 or later, or if you don't have a media card, select your version of the BlackBerry® Desktop Software from the following list:

  2. Does your smartphone have a SIM card? Move your SIM card to a new smartphone.
  3. Does your smartphone operate on CDMA networks? Contact your wireless service provider to switch smartphones.
  4. Will someone else be using your previous smartphone? For example, are you preparing your smartphone for resale? Delete the data from your previous smartphone.

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