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Turn on cell broadcasting

Depending on your wireless service provider and the wireless network that your smartphone is connected to, this feature might not be supported.
Before you begin: To perform this task, your BlackBerry® smartphone must use a SIM card, and your wireless service provider must set up your SIM card with a cell broadcast channel or provide you with the ID for a cell broadcast channel.
  1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
  2. Click Device > Advanced System Settings > Cell Broadcasting.
  3. Select the Enable Cell Broadcasting checkbox.
    • If one or more cell broadcast channels appear on the screen, select the checkbox beside the channel.
    • If no cell broadcast channels appear on the screen, highlight the Empty field. Press the Menu key > Add Channel. Type the channel ID and a nickname. Click OK.
  4. Select the checkbox beside a language.
  5. Press the Menu key > Save.
After you finish: To turn off cell broadcasting, clear the Enable Cell Broadcasting checkbox. Before you turn off cell broadcasting, verify that your wireless service provider does not use cell broadcasting to manage services, such as preferred rates, based on your location.
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