About encrypting data on your smartphone

When encryption for data on your BlackBerry® smartphone is turned on, your smartphone uses a private key to encrypt data as it is stored on your smartphone, including data that your smartphone receives when it's locked. Your smartphone decrypts data as you access it.

You can set encryption to include or exclude your contacts. If you turn on encryption for contacts and you receive a call when your smartphone is locked, the caller name doesn't appear on the screen.

If you use a smart card certificate for authentication, depending on the smart card, you might also be able to use one of your smart card certificates to provide two-factor encryption. In order to access the encrypted content, you must provide your smartphone password and also connect your smartphone to your smart card reader.

When you lock your smartphone, an open lock indicator appears at the top of the screen to indicate that your smartphone is in the process of securing your data, which includes deleting a copy of the private key from the temporary smartphone memory. A lock indicator appears at the top of the screen when your smartphone has deleted the key.

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