Delete all data from your lost device

You can delete all of the BlackBerry device data, including third-party applications and media card files, from your lost device. Some types of data, including pictures, email messages, third-party applications, and media files, cannot be backed up using BlackBerry Protect. This data will be deleted permanently from your device and media card.
  1. Log in to the BlackBerry Protect website.
  2. If necessary, click the arrow icon beside the device picture to select the lost device.
  3. Click Wipe Device.
  4. If you want BlackBerry Protect to back up supported data before deleting all of the data from your device, select the Attempt Backup Before Wiping Device checkbox.
    • If you want to back up all of the supported types of data, select the Back Up All Supported Data option.
    • If you want to back up only the types of data that you normally back up using the BlackBerry Protect application on your device, select the Back Up Data Selected for Backup on the Device option.
  5. Click Wipe Device.
If your device is turned off or not connected to the wireless network, BlackBerry Protect deletes your data the next time that your device is turned on or connected to the wireless network.
To cancel services on your device, contact your wireless service provider.

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