Content icons

You can use the icons in the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player to navigate the content pages and to view videos that appear in the content. The BlackBerry Pushcast Player does not display icons for audio files. The audio files play automatically when you open the page the audio file appears on.



Image of Next icon

Click the icon to move to the next page.

Image of Previous icon

Click the icon to move to the previous page.

Image of Home icon

This icon returns you to the screen that lists content. This icon is located at the bottom left corner of the content pages.

Image of Video icon

This icon opens videos. The video icon appears at the bottom right corner of a content page when a video is on the page.

This icon lets you switch between the fast forward, rewind, pause, play, and stop options in an audio file. This icon appears when an audio file plays in the BlackBerry Pushcast Player.

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