An exclamation mark appears beside content and I cannot open the content

Possible cause

Possible solution

There is not enough BlackBerry® device storage available to store the video.

Delete files from your device.

You connected your device to a computer and the content is on the media card.

You cannot view content that is on your media card while your device is connected to a computer.

Disconnect your device from the computer or open the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Console on the computer to view the content on the My Content screen.

You removed the media card from your device.

Insert the media card into your device to view the content.

The BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Software removed the content from your device because it required space to store new content.

On your device, click the content to download the content again, or contact the author that sent the content and ask the author to send you the content again.

You were not in a wireless coverage area so the BlackBerry Pushcast Software could not send the content to the BlackBerry® Pushcast™ Player.

Try to download the content again when you are in a wireless coverage area.

An administrator configured an IT policy that prevents you from downloading the content.

Contact an administrator for more information.

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