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Send a file to a contact

Depending on your wireless service provider or organization, this feature might not be supported.
In BlackBerry® Messenger, during a chat, press the Image of Menu key key > Send.
  • To send a picture, click Picture. Click a picture or click Camera to take a new picture. Type a message. Click Send. If necessary, select a picture size option. Click OK.
  • To send a voice note, click Voice Note. Record your message. Click Send.
  • To send a document, click File. Click a file.
  • To send a contact card of a BBM™ contact, click BBM Contact. Click one or more contacts. Click OK.
  • To send a contact card of a contact from the Contacts application, click BlackBerry Contact. Click a contact.
  • To send an appointment attachment, click Appointment. Click an appointment. Type a message. Click Send.
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