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Restore your BBM contact list over the wireless network

Depending on your wireless service plan or organization, this feature might not be supported.

Before you begin:

If you’re using a new BlackBerry® smartphone or you deleted all your smartphone data and your contacts aren’t appearing, you can perform this task to restore your contact list over the wireless network.

To perform this task, you must have associated at least one of the email addresses with your BlackBerry smartphone that you previously registered with BlackBerry® Messenger. For more information about associating your smartphone with an email address, visit to read the BlackBerry Internet Service User Guide or contact your organization.

  1. On the contact list screen, press the Image of Menu key key > Options > Restore > Restore using email.
  2. If necessary, select an email address. Click OK.
  3. Click Continue > Continue.
After your contact list is restored, you might be automatically reinvited to the groups that you belong to.

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