I cannot register an email address with BBM

Your BlackBerry® Messenger contact list is backed up over the wireless network as long as you have registered at least one of the email addresses that is associated with your BlackBerry smartphone with BBM™. If your smartphone is associated with an email account that uses a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, depending on your organization, this feature might not be supported.

If an email address that you tried to register with BBM is listed as not registered on the Remote Backup screen in BBM, try the following actions:

  • Verify that you are receiving email messages from the email account on your smartphone. If you have not yet associated the email address with your smartphone, click the Setup icon or Setup Wizard icon.
  • If you are registering the email address with BBM for the first time, wait a short period of time for BBM to process the registration message.
  • On a computer, in your email account, verify that the registration email message from BBM is not filed into a folder, such as the spam email folder. You might need to mark the sender as safe or change your email filters before you try to register the email address again. To register the email address again, on the Edit Email Status screen in BBM, press the Image of Menu key key > Resend Verification Email.

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