Setting the clock

You can add multiple clocks to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to keep track of different time zones. Your tablet also includes a stopwatch and a timer.

Set an alarm

Tap a clock. Tap Alarm. Set the alarm options. Tap On.

Display the date

Swipe down from the top frame. Set the Date switch to On.

Edit a clock

Tap a clock. Change the options.

Add a new clock

Swipe down from the top frame. Tap New Clock. Set options for the time zones and clock face. To close the menu, tap anywhere on the screen outside of the menu.

Delete a clock

Tap a clock. Tap Delete. You can't delete your Home Clock.

Time laps with the stopwatch

Tap the stopwatch. Tap Start > Lap.

Set the timer

Tap the timer. Set the options. Tap Start.

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