New features and enhancements for BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 brings together the best of BlackBerry communication applications, productivity tools, and your favorite apps, movies, and music to help you make the most out of every moment.

Icon for Messages


You can add one or more email addresses to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. You can view all of your email (as well as messages from your social apps) in a single inbox, or you can organize your inbox to only view the messages for a specific address. Email management options allow you to customize your inbox view, set message alerts, include signatures and out-of-office notifications, and more. For more information, see the Messages section.

Icon for Calendar


Quickly and easily set up multiple calendars that work seamlessly with many popular message service providers, such as Google Mail and Windows Live Hotmail. Switch between Day, Week, Month, and Agenda views, and customize the display for each of your calendars. Use the innovative People view to see the contacts you are meeting with on a specific day. For more information, see the Calendar section.

Icon for Contacts


The Contacts app is a built-in mobile and social-centric contact app that enables you to synchronize contacts from many sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can view status updates for your contacts, get updated news feeds about a contact's company, and quickly see the people, places, and events that you have in common with a contact. For more information, see the Contacts section.

Icon for App World

Android apps

Access a large number of additional apps for your tablet. BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps allows Android applications that developers have repackaged, signed, and submitted to the BlackBerry App World storefront, to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

Icon for Applications

Home screen management

Organize your home screen by creating folders and by placing frequently used apps and folders in a dock for easy access. Just touch and hold an app icon and when it starts to blink, you can move it, delete the app, or drag it onto another icon to create a folder. For more information, see the Applications section.

Icon for File Manager

File Manager

Use the File Manager app to easily access pictures, videos, music, and documents that are stored on your tablet. If your tablet is paired with your BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry Bridge, you can also open files stored on your smartphone from your tablet. For information about connecting your tablet to your smartphone, see the BlackBerry Bridge section.

Icon for Getting started

BlackBerry Balance

If you have a single device for both work and personal use, BlackBerry Balance addresses corporate security concerns without limiting your use of personal applications. Your work and personal activities are separated using distinct perimeters that contain separate applications, data, network connections, and permissions. For more information, see the topic about BlackBerry Balance in the Getting started section.

Icon for Browser

Reader mode for webpages

Reader mode allows you to select specific content within a website and extract and display it in a way that is easier to read. The surrounding website, ads, and other objects are removed from the screen view. The font size of the extracted text is increased and displayed on the screen in the same way as a book or magazine. To enter reader mode, simply tap the book icon above the webpage.

Icon for Documents To Go

Documents To Go

Now combined in one powerful app with new features and enhancements, Documents To Go enables you to view .pdf files and view, edit, and format Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. If your tablet is set up to use BlackBerry Balance, you can keep work documents secure in your work perimeter. If you pair your tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard, you can now work more quickly and accurately using the Documents To Go typing and navigation shortcuts. For more information, see the Documents To Go section.

Icon for Print To Go

Print To Go

Print To Go enables you to wirelessly print a variety of files, including documents, webpages, and diagrams, from your laptop or computer directly to your tablet. You can view, sort, and manage digital files, such as documents, memos, or lists, as though they were physical sheets of paper. For more information, see the Print To Go section.

Icon for Keyboard and typing

Touch screen keyboard enhancements

The touch screen keyboard has been enhanced to help you to type email messages or communicate with your contacts on BlackBerry Messenger more quickly and easily. Settings include spell check, word prediction, and automatic word correction. For more information, see the Keyboard and typing section.

Icon for BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge enhancements

With BlackBerry Bridge, you can now use your BlackBerry smartphone as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your tablet. Watch movies, surf the Internet, or present a slideshow on your tablet's screen or a connected HDMI display, such as a TV, projector, or computer monitor. Perfect for pausing a movie when your tablet is connected to your TV with an HDMI cable. For more information, see the BlackBerry Bridge section.

Icon for Video Chat

Video Chat enhancements

The Video Chat app includes improvements to the user interface and further integration with the Contacts app. Any existing video chat contacts are merged with the Contacts app and any new contacts are automatically added to the contact list in the Contacts app. You can now see a filtered view of favourite video chat contacts, invite a contact using a BlackBerry ID or tablet PIN, and display a video chat on an external display using an HDMI cable. For more information, see the Video Chat section.

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