Status bar icons

The following icons appear on the status bar of the home screen. Tap the icon to change an option.

Icon for Airplane mode

Airplane mode

Turn off airplane mode to restore wireless connections. To turn on airplane mode, tap the Settings icon > Airplane Mode. Set the switch to ON.

Icon for Alarm


Turn on or turn off the alarm. To set an alarm, open the Clock app and tap a clock.

Icon for Power


Check the battery power level and lower the screen brightness to extend your battery life. You can also put your tablet in standby mode, or turn off, lock, or restart your tablet.

Icon for BlackBerry Bridge

BlackBerry Bridge

Disconnect your BlackBerry smartphone and lock or unlock the contents of the smartphone that is connected to your tablet. To connect your tablet and smartphone using BlackBerry Bridge, tap > BlackBerry Bridge.

Icon for Bluetooth


Turn on or turn off Bluetooth connections. To pair your tablet with a different device, tap Settings > Bluetooth.

Icon for Development mode

Development mode

Turn off and turn on development mode . To turn on development mode in order to enable software development tools, tap > Security. Tap Development mode.

Icon for Music


Pause, fast-forward, or rewind the song that is currently playing.

Icon for Presentation mode

Presentation mode

Indicates that you are viewing a video or presentation in presentation mode and that your tablet is connected to an external display using an HDMI cable.

Icon for Orientation lock

Orientation lock

Set your tablet to landscape or portrait mode.

Icon for Notifications


View your notifications, including app updates.

Icon for Settings


Access all of your tablet settings, such as BlackBerry ID, wireless connections, and security.

Icon for Software update

Software update

Download a wireless update.

Icon for Wi-Fi on

Wi-Fi turned on

Wi-Fi is turned on and you are connected to the Wi-Fi network shown.

Icon for Wi-Fi on but not connected

Wi-Fi not connected

Wi-Fi is turned on, but you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap > Wi-Fi.

Icon for Wi-Fi off

Wi-Fi turned off

Wi-Fi is turned off. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap > Wi-Fi.

Icon for mobile network turned onIcon for mobile network turned on

Mobile network turned on

The mobile network is turned on and you are connected to the network indicated. The icon displayed depends on the type of mobile network you are connected to.

Icon for mobile network not connected

Mobile network not connected

To connect to a mobile network, tap > Mobile Network.

Icon for mobile network turned off

Mobile network turned off

To turn on the mobile network, tap the icon and set the switch to On.

Icon for roaming


To set options for roaming, tap > Mobile Network.

Icon for micro-SIM card not detected

Micro-SIM card not detected

Tap to watch a video about how to insert the micro-SIM card.

Icon for BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance

Lock or unlock your enterprise (work) perimeter, if one has been created by your administrator.

Icon for Calendar notification

Calendar notification

Open the Calendar app to view the appointment.

Icon for Email notification

Email notification

Open the inbox to view the new message.


When you connect to a BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry Bridge, the following icons notify you of new email, appointments, and more. If you don't want to see notifications for specific apps, you can select which apps and accounts to display on your tablet from the Device Properties screen in the BlackBerry Bridge app on your smartphone. For more information, see the BlackBerry Bridge section of the Help.

Icon for BlackBerry Bridge Email notification


Icon for BlackBerry Bridge Calendar notification


Icon for BlackBerry Bridge BBM notification


Icon for BlackBerry Bridge Task notification



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