Creating playlists and organizing your music

Your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet comes with an empty PlayBook Playlist that you can use to add your favorite songs and artists. You can also use the BlackBerry® Desktop Software on your computer to add music to your tablet that you have on your computer or BlackBerry smartphone.

PlayBook Playlists are limited to 5000 items.

Add a song to your PlayBook Playlist

Tap a song, artist, album, or genre. Swipe down from the top frame. Tap Edit > Add.

Delete a song from your PlayBook Playlist

Tap PlayBook Playlist > Edit. Tap a song or songs. Tap Remove.

Add playlists from your computer to your tablet

Connect your tablet and computer using a USB cable. On your computer, open the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Click Music and complete the instructions on the screen to add playlists that you created using a music library, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes.

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