Connect your tablet to an HDMI display

When you connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to an HDMI display, you need to change the default aspect ratio settings. Depending on the display you have, the setting may be called Full Pixel, Screen Fit, or something similar. If you are viewing videos, change the setting to 16:9. If you are using other applications, such as games, viewing pictures, or using the Docs To Go presentation mode, change the setting to fit the screen.

  1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the tablet to the HDMI display.
  2. On the tablet, swipe down from the top frame.
  3. Tap HDMI.
  4. Change the appropriate settings.



Default to Mirror Mode

Mirror mode shows the same display on the tablet and the display. If you do not turn this mode on, you will see a separate display on the tablet and HDMI display. This feature can be helpful if you don't want to share your whole tablet home screen on the HDMI display; only the application that you want to view appears on the monitor or TV.

Aspect Ratio

Set the aspect ratio to the correct ratio for your HDMI display. Usually, the correct ration for a high definition television is 16:9 and a monitor is 4:3. You may also need to set the aspect ratio depending on the application you are viewing.

Display Mode

Set display mode to the same setting as the display mode option on your HDMI display. You may need to consult with the documentation that came with the HDMI display to determine which display modes are supported.

HDMI Audio

By default, when your tablet is connected to an HDMI display, the audio is routed through the HDMI cable. If you prefer to have the sound remain on the tablet, set HDMI Audio to Off.

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