Starting video and voice-only chats

Start a video chat using an email address or PIN

Enter a person's BlackBerry ID email address or PIN. Tap Call.

Start a video chat with an existing contact

Tap Video chat contacts icon. Tap a contact. Tap Sent message to contact icon > Video chat call icon.

Start a voice-only chat

Tap the audio-only icon. Tap Contacts. Tap a contact.

Accept a video chat request

Tap Accept or No Video.

End the video chat

Tap End video chat icon.

Switch between the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera

Tap Video chat switch camera icon.

Move the preview image

Touch and hold your preview image and drag it to a different corner of the screen.

Turn on or turn off mute (outgoing sound)

During a video chat, tap the screen. Tap Video chat mute icon. Tap Video chat mute icon again to enable the sound.

Adjust the video chat volume (incoming sound)

During a video chat, touch and drag the volume bar.

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