BlackBerry Bridge basics

Change the font size in email

Swipe down from the top frame. Tap A.

View email for a specific address

If you have multiple email addresses on your BlackBerry smartphone, such as an enterprise address and a Yahoo! Mail address, you can view all email together or you can view email for each address separately.

At the top of your message inbox, tap All Messages or the name of the address currently displayed. Tap the email address you want to view.

View email in a folder

At the top of your inbox, tap All Messages or the name of the address currently displayed. Tap View Folder.

Move an email to a folder

View the message. Below the message, tap Move.

Multiselect email

At the bottom of your inbox, tap Select. Select the checkbox beside each email you want to select. Tap an icon at the bottom of your inbox to perform an action, such as marking your email as opened or filing your email.

View a single calendar

At the bottom of the screen, tap View calendar.

Start a BBM multiperson chat

At the bottom of your BBM contact list, tap Multiperson chat. Tap the people you want to include.

View your BBM profile or display your barcode

Tap your name or your profile picture.

Switch between screens

You can quickly view many items that are on your smartphone, such as websites, files, pictures, and videos, on your tablet's larger screen.

Highlight an item on your smartphone. Press the Menu key and click View on PlayBook or the corresponding option.

Hide apps or accounts

On the Device Properties screen in the BlackBerry Bridge app on your smartphone, clear the checkbox beside each app or account you don't want to show on your tablet. Press the Menu key > Save.

Lock BlackBerry Bridge

You can lock BlackBerry Bridge to prevent unauthorized access to your smartphone data. Your smartphone password is required to unlock BlackBerry Bridge.

On the home screen, on the status bar, tap BlackBerry Bridge > Lock.

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