Overview of tablet settings

Your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet includes a settings pane that you can use to change the settings on your tablet. To access settings, on the status bar, tap .

For information about how to complete the tasks in the table, see the appropriate section of the Help.




Find general, hardware, operating system, network, legal, and SIM card information.

Airplane Mode

Turn off all wireless network connections.


Set up your Wi-Fi network and use advanced features to manually connect or use WPS to connect to the network.

Mobile Network

Set up your mobile data services and access advanced settings to manually configure APN or VPN connections. See if you have a micro SIM card installed.

Software Updates

View the current software version running on your tablet and check for software updates.


Turn on and set up Bluetooth connectivity, add new Bluetooth enabled devices, and see the current list of paired devices.

BlackBerry ID

View your current BlackBerry ID information, sign in to your BlackBerry ID account, and change your BlackBerry ID password.


Create the accounts on your tablet that will be used by your perimeters as part of BlackBerry Balance.

BlackBerry Bridge

Complete the tablet portion of the BlackBerry Bridge setup.

BlackBerry Balance

Create and lock an area and change the password that you have assigned to that area.

Internet Tethering

Connect to a BlackBerry smartphone that supports Bluetooth in order to share the Internet connection.


Set up how your tablet screen appears when it is running on battery power and when it is plugged into an external power source.


Connect your tablet to an HDMI display, such as a monitor, TV, or projector.

Sounds & Notifications

Adjust the overall volume on your tablet, turn on AUDIOBOOST for use with your headphones, and set audio and visual notifications.


Set up the behavior for applications running in the background.

Storage & Sharing

Set up access to the files stored on your tablet, including USB connections, network identification, file sharing, Wi-Fi sharing, and password protection for sharing files.


Set up application permissions, certificates, passwords, VPN credentials, and SIM card settings. Enable development mode and delete all of the data from your tablet.


Change the language and country/region settings for your tablet.


Change the keyboard type and set up spelling and automatic word completion.

Date & Time

Change the time zone, time, and date display.

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