About BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balanceaddresses corporate security concerns without limiting your use of personal applications. Using distinct areas of your tablet called perimeters, you can separate your work and personal activities. A perimeter is a grouping of applications, data, and network connections that allows for targeted control and management. It has separate data storage, application permissions, and network routing rules.

By default, your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet uses a personal perimeter. Your corporate IT department can then create a work perimeter by enrolling in a management solution. You can also use a BlackBerry Bridge perimeter to create an insulated area to view data and applications on your BlackBerrysmartphone.

Your personal perimeter provides the opportunity to use your tablet without impacting corporate security policies in your corporate perimeter. Your personal perimeter allows you to use your tablet for activities not sanctioned by your employer such as downloading videos, playing online multi-player games, and uploading personal photos and Facebook entries.

Your work perimeter can contain a modified version of BlackBerry App World that contains the applications you are allowed to download and use at work. It can also provide an area where you can create, edit, and save work documents and slide decks.

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