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About attachments

You can view several attachment types on your BlackBerry® device, including .zip, .htm, .jsp, .doc, .dot, .ppt, .pdf, .wpd, .txt, .vcf, and .xls files. You can also view .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .wmf files, and play .wav and .mp3 files.

If you save an email message that contains an attachment that you have previewed, the email message and the attachment are stored in the device memory until you delete the email message.

You can download attachments and store them in the device memory. You can also store attachments on a media card. If you delete an email message that contains an attachment you have downloaded, the attachment is stored in the device memory or on the media card until you delete it from your device.

To change attachments that you download, you can use third-party editing applications that are designed for use on BlackBerry devices. If Word to Go™ by DataViz® is available on your device, you can use this application to change some document attachments. For more information about Word to Go, visit


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