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Typing shortcuts

Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

Common typing shortcuts

Type a symbol

Press the Symbol key. To view more symbols, press the Symbol key again. Click a symbol in the list that appears.

Switch typing input languages while you type

Press and hold the Symbol key.

Capitalize a letter

Press the Shift key. Press a letter key.

Type a number in a number field

Press a number key. You do not need to press and hold the number key.

Turn on NUM lock

Press the Shift key until the NUM lock indicator appears. To turn off NUM lock, press the Shift key again.

Work with text

Highlight a line of text

Press and hold the Shift key and on the trackpad slide your finger up or down.

Highlight text character by character

Press and hold the Shift key and on the trackpad slide your finger left or right.

Cancel a text selection

Press the Escape key.

Shortcuts for SureType technology

Type a punctuation mark or a common symbol

Press 1. Click the symbol in the list that appears.

Type a number

Press and hold a number key.

Type a period and a space

Press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized automatically.

Type a long word quickly

Type part of the word. In the list that appears when you type, highlight an item with the same initial letters as the word that you want to type. Slide your finger on the trackpad to the right. In the second list that appears, highlight the word that you want to type. Press the Enter key.

Shortcuts for multi-tap

Type a number

Keep pressing the letter key quickly until the number appears.

Type a period

Press the 1 key once. To type other common symbols or punctuation marks, keep pressing 1 quickly until the symbol appears.

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