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Message shortcuts

In a message

Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

Reply to a message

Press the exclamation point (!) key.

Forward a message

Press the period (.) key.

Move to the last cursor position after you close and reopen a received email or PIN message

Press 5

In your message inbox

Open a message

Press the Image of Enter key key.

Compose a message from a message inbox

Press the comma (,) key.

View received messages and received call logs

Press the Alt key and 3.

View call logs

Press the Alt key and the period (.) key.

View voice mail messages

Press the Alt key and 7.

View text messages

Press the Alt key and the question mark (?) key.

View all your messages

Press the Image of Escape key key.

Move around your message inbox

Move up a screen

Press the Shift key and the Space key.

Move down a screen

Press the Space key.

Move to the top of a message inbox

Press 1

Move to the bottom of a message inbox

Press 7

Move up a message

Press 2

Move down a message

Press 8

Move to the next message

Press 6

Move to the previous message

Press 4

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