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Image of new notification indicator

new notification

Image of alarm set indicator

alarm set

Image of unopened message count indicator

unopened message count

Image of BlackBerry Messenger indicator

BlackBerry® Messenger

Image of calendar reminder count indicator

calendar reminder count

Image of social feeds indicator

social feeds

Image of missed call count indicator

missed call count

Image of sending data indicator

sending or receiving data

Image of Wi-Fi indicator

Wi-Fi® turned on

Image of roaming indicator



Image of unopened message indicator


Image of text message indicator


Image of opened message indicator

text message

Image of sent message indicator

sent message

Image of message with attachment indicator


Image of message sending indicator

message is sending

Image of high priority message indicator

high priority

Image of message not sent indicator

message not sent

Image of draft message indicator


Image of meeting invite indicator

meeting invite


Image of missed call indicator

missed call

Image of received call indicator

received call

Image of placed call indicator

placed call

Image of voice mail message indicator

voice mail message

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