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PGP key properties



Revocation Status

This field displays the revocation status of the PGP® key at a specified date and time.

Trust Status

This field displays the trust status of the PGP key. A PGP key can be explicitly trusted (the PGP key itself is trusted), implicitly trusted (the PGP key is associated with a private key on your BlackBerry® device), or not trusted (the PGP key is not explicitly trusted and is not associated with a trusted PGP key on your device, and a chain of digital signatures to a trusted key does not exist).

Creation Date

This field displays the date that the PGP® Universal Server generated the PGP key.

Expiration Date

This field displays the date that the PGP Universal Server specified as the expiration date of the PGP key.

Email Address

This field displays the email address that is associated with the PGP key. Multiple Email Address fields might appear.

Public Key Type

This field displays the standard to which the public key complies. Your device supports RSA®, DSA, and Diffie-Hellman keys.

Key Usage

This field displays approved uses of the PGP key.


This field displays the PGP key fingerprint in hexadecimal format.

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