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Encrypt a message with a pass phrase

Your BlackBerry® device can encrypt email and PIN messages using a pass phrase shared between the sender and recipient.
  1. In an unsent message, set the Encoding field to Encrypt or Sign and Encrypt.
  2. Press the Image of the Menu key key > Options.
  3. Select the Use Password-Based Encryption check box.
  4. In the Allowed Content Ciphers section, select the check box beside one or more allowed content ciphers.
  5. If you are signing the message, in the Signing Options section, select a certificate.
  6. Press the Image of the Menu key key > Save.
  7. Type your message.
  8. Press the Image of the Menu key key > Send.
  9. Type a pass phrase to encrypt the message.
  10. Confirm the pass phrase.
  11. Click OK.
After you finish: Using a secure method, let the recipient know what the pass phrase is.
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