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About Bluetooth

Bluetooth® technology is designed to establish a wireless connection between your BlackBerry® device and a Bluetooth enabled device, such as a hands-free car kit or a wireless headset.

Before you can connect your BlackBerry device to a Bluetooth enabled device, you must first turn on Bluetooth technology on both devices and then pair the devices. Pairing establishes a relationship between the devices and usually needs to be done only once.

After you pair the devices, you can connect the devices when the Bluetooth enabled device is within range of your BlackBerry device (a typical range is approximately 10 meters). For best results, keep your BlackBerry device within direct line of sight of the Bluetooth enabled device. For example, if your BlackBerry device is on the right side of your body, wear a Bluetooth enabled headset in your right ear.

When you turn on Bluetooth technology or when you connect your BlackBerry device to another Bluetooth enabled device, Bluetooth status indicators appear at the top of the Home screen.

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