Change options for notifications on the external display

When the flip is closed, notification for items, such as new messages, calls, or calendar reminders, appear on the external display.
  1. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
  2. Click Display > External Notifications.
    • To turn off the ability to review notifications by pressing the Volume keys, change the Enable Volume Key to Scroll field to No.
    • To set the backlight to turn on each time that you receive a notification, change the Automatic Backlight and Notification field to Yes.
    • To prevent notification details, such as the contact and subject line for a message, from appearing on the external display, change the Show Notification Detail field to Never.
    • To prevent message preview text from appearing in message notifications, change the Show Message Preview field to No.
    • To change the duration that notifications appear on the external display, change the Notification Cycle Duration field.
  3. Press the Menu key > Save.
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