Driving safety

Driving a vehicle requires your full attention to road conditions, weather, and vehicular traffic. It is important to set up your BlackBerry® Wireless Headset prior to driving. Using this hands-free accessory may cause you to be distracted and may put you, your passengers, and occupants of other vehicles at risk of suffering bodily injury, death and/or loss of property. You should only use the hands-free accessory where permitted by law and when you will not be distracted from the proper operation of your motor vehicle. The volume of the headset should remain at a level that allows you to hear the noises on the road, such as emergency sirens, horns used by other drivers, or other sounds that require your attention.

If your vehicle is equipped with an air bag, do not place the headset or other objects above the air bag, or in the air bag deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly stored or installed, and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result.

Radio frequency (RF) signals might affect improperly installed or inadequately shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or its representative regarding your vehicle. If any equipment has been added to your vehicle, you should also consult the manufacturer of that equipment for information on RF signals.

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