Pair and connect the headset with your BlackBerry device

Before you can use your headset, you need to pair it with your BlackBerry® device. When you turn on the headset for the first time, it's already in pairing mode.
  1. Slide the power switch on your headset to the On position.
  2. On the Home screen of your BlackBerry device, click the Manage Connections icon > Set Up Bluetooth or Bluetooth Connections > Search.
  3. Click BlackBerry HS-300.
  4. If you receive a prompt to enter a passkey, type 0000 on your BlackBerry device.
  5. Press the Image of Enter key key on the keyboard.
When you've successfully completed the pairing process, you hear "Connected" through the headset. If you are disconnected, you can press and hold the Call control button for 3-4 seconds to turn on pairing mode at any time.
After you finish:

To turn off the prompt that appears on your BlackBerry device when connecting and pairing, press the Menu key > Device Properties and set the Trusted field to Yes. For more information, click the Help icon on the Home screen of your BlackBerry device.

For information about how to pair a third-party Bluetooth® enabled device with your headset, see the help that came with that device.

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